🎟️Ticket System

A fully customizable ticket system for your server!

Ticket Setup

Use /ticket setup to start the interactive setup process.

Ticket Categories

A ticket category could be a user report or a role request. With categories, you can easily keep your tickets organized.

Use /ticket category add to add a new ticket categories.

Use /ticket category edit to manage categories.

Every ticket category can have its own embed and customizable questions. Users must answer the questions before they can open a ticket.

Customize Ticket Embeds

Use /embed to create embed templates that can be used within the ticket system.

After the ticket message has been sent, it can be customized at any time using /ticket settings.

Ticket Moderators

Use /ticket moderators to manage roles who can access tickets.

  • You can manage which role has access to which ticket category. You can also decide if the role is pinged once a new ticket is opened.

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