Collect delicious cookies across all servers!

How to collect cookies?

Cookies can be collected and spent in the shop. Your cookie balance is the same across all servers.


Collect your daily cookies


Choose a career and work to earn some cookies


Buy an oven with /shop and bake some cookies! With higher oven levels, you will unlock new recipes.

Be reminded of your daily cookies by using /notifications

Choose your career

When you run /work for the first time, you will be prompted to choose a career.

Each career comes with its own benefits. You can change your career in the shop at any time while keeping the progress in your other careers.

👮🏼 Security

Security protects the cookies from sneaky thieves and ensures safety in the cookie warehouse. With increased vigilance and sharpened defense instincts, security ensures hard-earned cookies don't fall into the wrong hands.

💣 Thief

Using cunning tricks and nimble fingers, the thief gains access to others' cookie supplies. Thanks to good camouflage, the thief is rarely caught and can loot more cookies on their raids.

If you want to know who stole your cookies, you can run /info steals


Spend your cookies with /shop. You can find various items that might help you to steal cookies from others or to protect your own cookies.

  • Oven: Buy an oven and ingredients in the shop to bake delicious cookies

  • Safe: Protect your cookies from thiefes by storing them in a safe

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